Borderless Hosts

Borderless Hosts Welcome to Borderless Hosts, a group developed to foster cross-cultural learning, increase diversity awareness, and provide a support system for a selected group of Mississippi State international students. Borderless Hosts recognizes that college is more than just classroom centered learning. This program seeks to create opportunities for dual-learning to take place between international students and local families or mentors. Borderless Hosts consists of volunteer host families and mentors who form life-changing connections with international students, through neighborly interactions. Borderless Hosts is not a home-stay program, participants simply interact with each other at Borderless Hosts’ events and in their spare time.

Who is Borderless Hosts for?

Borderless Hosts is a support group that is composed of volunteer host families from Starkville and MSU international students who are paired together on a semester basis.

Participating international students are those who want to learn about American culture and interact with a family outside the classroom setting. The students are open-minded about other cultures and are willing to share about their culture with others. Students participating in Borderless Hosts are passionate about having a positive impact on others and seek self-improvement.

Participating volunteer host families and mentors are interested in reaching out to international students and helping with their transition into life at MSU and in Starkville. Families and mentors are open-minded to other cultures and ways of thinking. The volunteers seek to positively impact the life of another through interpersonal interaction and the dual-learning process.

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